Kids at UCSF Day

UCSF has proudly sponsored its own Kids at UCSF Day: Promoting Equity for Girls and Boys program for over 10 years. Although created initially for girls - for the past several years, boys have participated in this exciting and educational day. Early attempts to incorporate boys into programs with girls were unsuccessful, as the children mirrored the same behavior that they exhibit in the classroom. Boys demanded different kinds of attention and our volunteer program planners agreed that the experience of both boys and girls would be enhanced by providing separate programs that address their respective general experiences in society.


Current Events

NOTICE: Kids at UCSF Day 2009 Cancelled

Unfortunately Kids at UCSF Day 2009 has been cancelled due to budget constraints. However, if you are interested in volunteering as a Program Planner in the future, please contact Chelsea Simms, Kids Day Program Coordinator, at 476-5222 or [email protected].




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